Day 2: Reflection

So it’s fast approaching the end of day 2…and I think it’s probably safe to say that today has been an exhausting day. But let’s start with an update on day 1…and how well I’ve been sticking to the goals I set!

The first fast started off with my husbands alarm going off for so long that baby A woke up crying her eyes out. By the time she had settled and fallen asleep again suhoor had ended and we hadn’t even managed to have some water.

It was a work day for me and I had a 3hr meeting at 9.30am…and I had been up since 6.15am…as the day progressed thankfully baby A had a good 2.5hrs nap and I managed to read Qur’an and finish up my work with time to spare. By the evening time baby A decided she would eat all her dinner (without fighting against it)…and then requested to sleep. Yes I’m still shocked at that. She was in bed and asleep by iftar and I had more than enough time to eat and relax for a bit before I headed to bed.

The biggest issue for me yesterday was the fact that any time I have a “work day” and spend the day in the office, baby A is extra clingy and cries a lot anytime I move from room to room. By the time I had dinner I really really wanted to break my goals, eat all the snacks and scroll on social media…every bone in my body was saying I’m exhausted and I really needed a sugar fix. I walked into the kitchen and saw a bag of dates, so rather than pick at the biscuits I rerouted and had a date. I then found the almonds and took a handful of those and I’ll be honest with you, as soon as I did I was completely satisfied. I’ve been told almonds help kick the chocolate craving, so let’s see how this goes. Oh and as an extra plus I managed to do 5 minutes on the rowing machine, before baby A came and sat on my lap and wanted a go…but 5 minutes is better than none!

Having had such a positive start, I was looking forward to today. I set my alarm for suhoor, woke up without waking up baby A, and managed to have a moment of reflection before it was time for fajr. Thankfully baby A stayed asleep until 7.45am – which meant I was able to at least go to the bathroom alone before she woke up! The day went well…as it’s the weekend the day was full of feeding, cleaning, playing. Baby A had a 3hr nap which allowed me to have a long bath, tidy up, and then read Qur’an and pray. When baby A woke up she was full of energy and ready to play again and as she did I managed a 25 minute workout on the rowing machine. The rest of the day was more playing and phone calls to the grandparents and before we knew it bedtime had arrived…baby A was in bed at iftar time at 8.18pm, so I drank some water and put her to sleep…let’s rephrase that…tried to put her to sleep. She did not want to sleep…so we played in bed, and then just as she was drifting off to sleep…she got the hiccups! Now all the google sites I have searched on say babies get hiccups a lot, and there’s nothing needed to do to stop them as babies apparently don’t mind hiccups. I disagree. Baby A gets irritated with hiccups. And the constant hiccuping meant she was wide awake again and irritated. She finally dozed off at 10pm. Yes. 10pm! Again I really wanted to break all my goals, but once I had eaten my dinner I was fully satisfied and managed to even get some time to relax.

On reflection, I already feel like this month is flying by. Yes I know it’s only been two days, but tomorrow’s the third fast and soon it’ll be the end of the week and then the end of the month.

Having thought more about it, I’ve felt that the reason behind choosing the goals I did was to break habits that had become a necessity in my day to day. I’ve felt much better without scrolling on social media and actually also much better without snacking. On top of this spiritually I’ve felt much more at peace too. There is a danger of setting goals thought, and that is once the month ends will I be going back to my old ways…I would hope not…and maybe my one month break from social media will change to two? Or maybe I’ll have a set day for social media use and the rest of the week I’ll go without. I’ll figure the logistics of “what happens next?” the closer we get to the end of this month, and for the time being I’ll try and be consistent with what I’ve started, and not give up in a couple of days time.

The end of a wrestling match with Mr Bear…and tbh I’m feeling exactly the same way now!

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