1: Ramadan 2020: Goal Setting

Ramadan 2020 is upon us, and although normally I won’t set goals, I do often loosely think about what I hope to achieve in this month. That being said, I am still working full-time (albeit from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic) and have a 1yr old to keep entertained…so my goals will not be big, but I’m hoping I can be consistent with the ones I do set instead.

Goal 1: Taking a break from social media

I logged off from my personal social media accounts last night, mainly because in order for me to make changes and develop good habits, I need to spend less time mindlessly scrolling! I think this was the easiest out of all the goals set and achieve. I’ve never been addicted to social media, but I do like to see what friends, families and influences are up to day-to-day…however recently I’ve realised that it doesn’t bring me as much joy as it used to, and mainly because (1) people continually asking “are you okay?” as a result of the pandemic, and talking about being at home as a result of the lockdown, is not comforting and is just a continual reminder that things are not “okay”. (2) the content has become too “samey” – and the sameness is not because everyone is documenting the day to day and sharing that and their home-schooling woes (which I would love to see), but it’s because everyone is baking banana bread and more, doing high intensity workouts in their home gyms, competing in dance challenges, doing challenges, and going “live” – and I’m tired of it all!

Goal 2: Start a blog

As Ramadan was fast approaching I really wanted to start writing a diary, which lead me to instead wanting to start a daily-life blog. So last night as I lay down in bed anticipating what this month would bring, I also decided that I could have this blog set up ready for the 1st of Ramadan!

Goal 3: Cut out sugar

…well as much as possible. Our meals are all home cooked (bar Monday date nights when we get a take away) and the problem for me right now isn’t my daily meals or portion sizes. The biggest issue I have is snacking. We have cupboards stocked well with crisps, biscuits and chocolates…so when baby A is fast asleep (this could range anytime between 7.30pm – 10pm…argh) and I’m exhausted, all I want to do is put my feet up and eat all the snacks! So for now my goal will be to avoid those snacks and instead after my iftar meal have a date for sweetness and some almonds for my chocolate cravings.

Goal 4: Reading Qur’an

In 2018, while I was pregnant with baby A, I was awarded an Ijaazah for Qur’an recitation. I was also asked to pass on the knowledge of correct recitation to those around me and to make Qur’an part of my every day. Since then, having baby A, spending time in and out of hospitals because of her heart condition and heart operation, extended postpartum bleeding and inconsistent menstrual cycles, as well as returning back to work after 5 months of maternity leave, I didn’t really engage with reading the Qur’an frequently at all. So, rather than be sad about the fact that it’s been so long, I thought this was probably the most important goal to set, and to try and maintain after Ramadan too.

So here we go…

I know my goals aren’t big, life changing, thought provoking goals, but for me right now I think they are sensible and most importantly manageable. I’ll be checking in throughout this month for goal and Ramadan updates, and I will also try and accompany updates with a variety of daily life blog posts too. Wish me luck…!

May Allah swt grant us a successful Ramadan, may He swt increase is in good deeds and ibaadah and may He swt grant us the ability to continue with the positive changes we make after the month has ended…ameen thumma ameen

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